Anyone have a drug allergy?

I am allergic to Haldol and Depakote. Haldol gives me muscle spasms and on Depakote I blacked out for hours and did crazy things. Thorazine gave me TD. You should know what you are allergic to so you can inform the hospital, if you go.

The only thing I’ve been allergic to in my life is latex. I discovered this 6 years ago when the latex gloves we were required to wear at work gave me big rashes on my hands. Now, they specially order vinyl gloves, just for me.

Sulfa (stomach pain) and Latuda (irregular heartbeat). I know there are a couple other things I can’t tolerate, but it’s not really allergy or hypersensitivity.

I was told I can’t take Clozapine.

I’m allergic to multiple types of antibiotics. It’s hard to find meds that work

I can’t take cymbal take or statins.

I had rashes from Latuda.
I am very allergic to antihistamines, get similar reactions to some antacids, ibuprofens make me very nauseous.

On Latuda I had akathisia, nausea and insomnia.

I have actual allergies to a lot of meds. Atypical APs, while I’m not truly allergic (no anaphylaxis), I have really really bad reactions to them. Some of them are worse than others, but generally I just avoid atypicals if at all possible.

I have an actual allergy to those meds. I ended up in the Er. I also can’t take any meds with blue dye.

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I can’t do yellow dye.

Always makes me sick.

I’m also allergic to Demerol…

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The whole I’m allergic to this or that because I had a bad reaction thing is a sore spot for me. I was in the psych ward last year and I told them I was allergic to several things, but because it’s so common to claim allergy for things that aren’t actual allergies they gave me something that I was allergic to. It was a ■■■■■■■ nightmare.

After being in medical so long,

I can say it’s absolutely true that people lie about their med allergies.

It’s a ploy to steer towards certain drugs.

A lot of seekers do it so it’s ignored, a lot.

Sorry they didn’t take you seriously.

Medical staff needs to do more listening and less judging.

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Yeah, side effects aren’t an allergy. People also like to make things up, like @Charles_Foster said.

I broke out all over from cymbalta and the statins. Doc said next reaction would be airway closing, or rather anaphylactic shock.


I’m allergic to toradol, so I usually get a lot of shitty judgemental looks when I have to go to the ER for migraine because pretty much every ER will immediately give you toradol and zofran before they do anything else. Luckily I get slightly redeemed and treated better after I tell them most opiates do ■■■■ all for me and I’m already on tramadol at home, so they can just skip on past the pain meds and go straight for the steroids.

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