Anyone has any ideas. Has been in my place?

I’m having some anxiety about the future
And I want to know if anyone knows/does any part time jobs from home?
If so, what can you recommend me, from home I feel like I can do any job. Please free to share

Thank you

Croc :heart:

I looked up good at home jobs and found this article:


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Most of them require a degree wich I don’t have in that domain

Not all of them. I don’t think Appen requires a degree for all of their positions.


Nobody helps me. You guys don’t like me?

I like you im just too dumb to help on this one xx I’m in the same boat. Super anxious about the future.

I think everyone likes you hahahaha dont be silly


You can look at the website. They have a huge amount of possible jobs online.


I like you. But I don’t know much about finding jobs where you can work from home.

I saw my pdoc on Wednesday and she said she thought I should go back to school to be a medical coding professional. There are some places where you get the patient files electronically and then you review them and assign the diagnosis codes. You can do that from home. I am too old to go back to school though, I am 48. I don’t want to go back to school.

I hope someone else comes to this thread who can offer you some good answers.

Most online jobs to do at home are scams. We tried a lot of them they want money or something to much to give. Sales jobs maybe but want money first.

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