HI, I wanna get a job, what should I do?

I wanna get a job.


  1. Mood swings from time to time, hopefully a mood stabilizer will help
  2. Honestly, just irritability and moodiness
  3. I lash out verbally
  4. I would like to work from home, I would like to do a form of simple work which I could possibly do online
  5. I can’t think fast or plan very well or dependably, maybe in the future, you can see from my writing that I’m a hot mess

I need advice:

  1. My parents can’t plan with me, I need a social/caseworker
  2. How can I get started and what could I possibly do?
  3. It’s okay if it doesn’t work out, I still wanna try

I wanna work part time, I wanna work at home on the computer

Thebalancecareers.com is a website I just checked out that lists companies that hire part time work from cpas and bookkeepers. The catch is you’ll already need an associates degree and 2-3 years of office experience to be a bookkeeper and a cpa license along with some experience to be a remote worker. So you have to get through school and get an office job and make it beforehand. But afterward you could potentially telecommute. So if you were able to hold it together for a few years then maybe you could work from home as either a bookkeeper or cpa.


Wait till your most stable, but if you live in the US try apple tech support. It seems good. If you’re out of the US, try another tech support company. If you don’t like tech support, there are other options like online tutoring, translating, programming, etc.

I want to work a flexible schedule and work from home. Something I can do on my laptop.

Apple care does that.

Another limitation is poor memory, attention, and focus.

You can teach English to Chinese kids online via VIPKID or another similar company. A friend of mine did that for a few years. I’m trying to be a peer coach which should be a pretty flexible job as well, but it’s not online. Maybe you can try volunteering for your local mental health organization. It’s a good place to make contacts and friends.


Thanks for the suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe start an online business?

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@anon60523054 I’m considering the same route. Actually about to start some online training for it when my head settles down.

I had headache problems and thought I was having temporal lobe seizures. I had an MRI done and an EEG and was diagnosed with chronic migraines. They gave me topamax. Not sure if anything helped but it was nice to know and rule out stuff.

Now, I’m fine.

What causes/caused your headaches? Have you seen a doctor for it?

Edit: PM’d @insidemind the response, don’t want to thread hijack.

Find something your knowledgeable or good at and consult part time

Go work for a low rise window cleaning company.
Easy low stress work

You need a good attitude too or no one will want to work with you


Thank you, sounds like a great idea!

This might be a limitation initially I’d imagine, but maybe after getting on another mood stabilizer I can make it happen.


Right now I’m on Trileptal and Lamictal, I’m also on seroquel since last thursday. I’m hoping to get off seroquel and continue on the two mood stabilizers, though I’ve only been on them for three weeks, since april 17th.

I filled out a form for volunteering at the library, I’ll take it in this week.

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Do you need to know Chinese? I think so, how else you gonna teach them?

No you just demonstrate English via the lessons that are already provided for you.

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How much money can u make teaching English?

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How much does it pays? You need a certificate? You need a firm or to become a freelancer?