Anyone get mania

anyone ever become manic from abilify?

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Are you bipolar? Is mania part of sz? Sza?

sza bipolar type

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I keep doing extreme things when emotionally unstable. Broke up with boyfriend because my hair is a mess and I was mad. Then got back together and I owe him another gift from China.

I got a emotional roller coaster when moving from 5mg abilify to 10mg. I went from really depressed to really anxious, to really happy, etc. Increasing my celexa seemed to calm that back down.

i just switched to tem from 5 and im all over the place. i dont need sleep

did you tell your pdoc? perhaps you need your mood stabilizer increased? I needed my antidepressant increased.

When I first told my doc about it and he said it was a weird reaction to increasing the abilify and did not increase the celexa. Then it got really out of control and I was having really bad suicidal thoughts, so he increased it then.

i see my pdoc tomorrow. hell know what to do

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I get mania, sometimes it can be good if its work related, sometimes not so good as I buy stuff I will never use

Mania and no sleep has awakened the “others” full force. I take 20 mg abilify. Makes little difference to them. They mess with my life constantly.