Anyone from UK? London?

I am just curious to know if there is anyone from the UK or even London?

I’m from Lincolnshire :slight_smile: about an hour on the fast train to London! Although I’ve only been twice to London.

Hey Spiderpig, I had a neighbor that moved there years ago.

Lovely to meet you

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Nice to meet you too :slight_smile:

I lived in London five years
We lived in army flat in woolwhich and then a house in grove park near Bromley in Kent
I worked as a secretary for an accountant in kings cross


How are you spending your day?

Oh how fascinating! Do you miss it?

@anon20613941 @Jesspresso


I do I miss it a lot
I love the city of London

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I’m waiting in at my mums house for a mattress to be delivered. I’m also gonna make some honey chorizo as I’m really hungry! You?

@spiderpig I am also at my parents. I did not want to stay home today. I am being unproductive, I should actually be studying but I am just doing research and going through old posts regarding Clozapine

It’s great you UK guys are meeting each other on this site. I just have met another Chinese here this morning. She is like me, the immigrant from China to the western countries.


How old are you? :slight_smile: can’t beat a good lazy day, I’ve spent the last week decorating my flat!

I am in my early 30s I used to work full time as a director in Marketing and when I became ill I decided to go pursue my dream, which meant going back to university.

How do you occupy your time?

There is nothing better than decorating!

I occupy my time with my baby boy Oli, I can’t work you see, mid functioning over here :joy:

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What are you studying?

@Fanny_Longbottom @firemonkey


Oh congratulations! Motherhood is a full time job. How young are you?

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@Qwerty1 are u male or female … ??? Just got curious…