Sodding schizophrenia

so I live on a council estate people all seem to know each other. \I fell like the local target for angry workers to slate and generally belittle. most of the time I block it out but its so so tiring. why are people so judgemental?
do they want me to kill myself? I feel like doing that a lot.
its so exhausting to be so alert and scared im sick of it all.

■■■■ schizophrenia.

yeah thanks a lot everyone I can tell where im not wanted I wont be back.
why didn’t anyone have the balls to say we all hate you.

You don’t have to leave. You should tone back your comments though. Why would anyone want to converse with someone who insults them? Maybe take a break.

Hope the best for you whatever you do. Good luck out there. We’ll always be here if you decide to come back.

Makes me wander who’s financially supporting this site?

Maybe I missed something earlier. I read your post + didn’t see anything aimed toward other people. I don’t answer posts where the person is hurting or has a problem, because I’m not good at that. I’m not good with workers, either. I’m schizophrenic or I have schizophrenia?

bryan Ashley can you tell me what your talking about please?
i will and have always been a person who tells it how it is i expect the same from other maybe im asking too much. ok ill just go i don’t want to be somewhere everyones slagging me off,

**Are you talking about the people where you live?

There it is right there. It’s not really an insult to tell people to ■■■■ off buts it’s rude. Be reasonable and avoid doing that. Believe me I find your approach entertaining to read, but it’s abrasive and really help the flow of conversation. You could try and be casual. You make me laugh dandy, stick around.

I live in a council tower block. I guess many people know I have a disability because I’m around when most people are working. Not had any hassle . Then again I live in the poor part of town and you are more likely to find the mentally ill there.
Sometimes council workers look at me a bit funny but don’t say anything.