Anyone for breakfast?


it’s actually 8pm here in the uk but i just cooked what’s known as an english breakfast and had it for dinner. two fried eggs with runny yolks, two rashers of bacon, one sausage, fried mushrooms, baked beans, fried bread and spiced potato wedges…they should be hash browns but i didn’t have any. i also should had a fried tomato and some black pudding but again, didn’t have any…but for the three things missing…it was scrummy!! lots of salt and pepper, vinegar and brown sauce…yummo! what’s everyone else having for dinner?


I’ve been healthy today and had mushroom pie topped with mashed potato and some veg


sounds lovely. i’m going to make up a batch of mash on monday. i’ll have some on monday and freeze the rest for another day…x


Your english breakfast sounds like what I heard was a farmer’s breakfast.
I knew a family who had their main meal at breakfast. She lost weight, he gained weight from it which was both what they needed.


i just had a late night snack , bacon and fried tattie scone lol

yummy nom nom nom


What is it, dreamer?


i had white fish


tattie = potato



Are hash browns English? I’m English and I don’t even know what they are!


I just baked a whole 4 lb. chicken. That will be dinner tonight. It will probably last me for four days. So chicken, a glass of milk, a bowl of cottage cheese, and a can of french-style string beans.


momos for dinner himilayan dim sum. steamed dumplings I also learning how to mak really good curries at the moment aloo gobi, mushroom maslala, onion chicken onion bhajais samosas and pakoras, chapatis.


Like taters . .


Dish me up a plate of that yummy English Breakfast will ya @Jaynebeal, that sounds delicious for dinner!


Hash browns are common in America. Hash browns are basically grated or shredded, skinless, potatoes, fried so they’re flat in a frying pan in butter or oil until brown and crispy. Usually the potatoes stick together while cooked. Then salted and peppered and often doused with ketch-up on top. Lots of American-food (if there’s such a thing) restaurants serve them for breakfast.


Thanks to you, @jaynebeal, I am doing eggs and toast.


I had a burrito for dinner. A single burrito. All microwaved. Probably nutritionally void. Sigh.


Made a veggie pasta thing. It came our really good but made too much. So will be having it for a few days.


What’s in it?. .


A can of baked beans, A large can of crushed tomatoes, Tomato paste, crushed garlic, A bunch of herbs I had in the cupboard and the same could be said for the frozen veggies I had in the freezer. Plus the pasta which was Fusilli. Salt and pepper. I think that’s it. The baked beans is to take the place of meat and adds some extra flavour to the sauce. Kind of a throw together meal but came out rather good.


Sounds good but I’m not going to try it. I’m trying to lose 10lbs!