Anyone fancy a chat?

Awake and bored out of my tree. Anyone fancy a chat?

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What’s up bro/sis?

You aright? What are you up to. I’m just lying on my bed checking internet.

same here, but I’m sitting and watching internet (mainly about mental illness of al kinds)… One more beer and I’m snoozing… :smiley:

What you’re doing on the internet?

checking facebook. do you have mental illness?

not stereotypical schizophrenia, but yes! More of a mood problem, you?

i’ve had four psychotic episodes and diagnosed schizophrenic. i’m currently coming off meds.

Fancy if i join in? :tophat:

How are you killian?

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I’m doing good! Watching shark week :shark: :slightly_smiling_face:

are you schizophrenic killian?

Anyone still here to chat?

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Yeah i am available. .!!!

how are your negative smtoms far cry?

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Its severe holy… i cant describe…!!!

How are you feeling?

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Not feeling good…!!! What about you…!!!
Which symptoms bothers u a lot…!!!

I find it hard to have a shower and have no motivation.

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How about you? What symptoms bother you?

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Cognitive and negative. .!!! I dont have positive symptoms. .