Anyone Ever Spend Any Time?

i have a feeling you are meaning me , to put you straight i live in australia .
yes i have been in jail for the night but they definitely did not have the internet , wow that would have been cool if they had , that whole experience would have gone a lot faster.
i don’t think anyone is out to get you solitary . everyone seems pretty nice on here.
take care

thanks for saying i sound like a stalker my self esteem has gone through the roof. wow i am glad i am not a paranoid sz i would have taken offence …oh wait i am !
solitary i live in australia on a farm in what most people would call the middle of know where.
i am sorry this has happened to you he sounds like an evil creep…it is good that you can talk about this.
yes there are people on the internet that are evil and we all have to be careful, but i am not one of them.
i am kind and live in a space ship and my plan is to conquer the universes with kindness. .
i feel that this place is filled with supportive people .
if it makes you feel any better i won’t talk to you again.
take care (said in a non-creepy way )

i am glad you cleared that one up , i do not feel insulted at all ! not !
’ i do not sound like one ’ but’ my pattern of speech is like one’ ! damn my british sense of humour, damn my kindness .
solitary we are all hurting and saying something like you just did to me, if you had said that to another sz who was less stable that would be enough to unhinge them.
choose your words better, i am sorry for your experiences in life.
but if you want to hear about a hellish life i shall tell you about mine , which i promise you, you would have not survived !
take care

as you do not know my life, a simple apology would have sufficed .
as i said before i will not talk to you again , i wish you the best.
take care