Anyone ever go wild camping on your own

Is it safe for a woman alone ?
In the wilderness? Not too near a town with loads of drunk youths?
Have you done this?
How do I make my husband understand?
And should I buy a one person tent or a 2 person tent?
We have been camping once in 12 years
Makes me think it’s unlikely I’d convince him much
On the verge of buying a new one person tent

are there wild animals where you want to camp? have to watch out for bears and wildcats here…no camping for me unless it’s a bluegrass festival.

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Nothing here in UK

well go for it !! sounds like a lot of fun…

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I’m pretty sure my husband will say: “no, you’re not doing that!”

How much say does he have?

Camping can be fun. I did that when I lived in the USA. Then I lived in my auto over two years, mostly in Miami. Get a 2-person tent and ask your husband to go with you. Could be fun.

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We have camping in our town.

There are many options of where to camp too if you clean up after yourself.

I want to go bikepacking but…

I actually just bought a garmin for my cycles yesterday. It’s pretty slick, but also a tech annoyance. They say you’re supposed to keep youre garmin on you tho… I’m having difficulty with the emergency contacts being falsely notified that I’m in distress. You’d think garmin would have that figured out by now.

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