No-one to go camping with

:frowning: yeah iโ€™m up the creek without a paddle buddy lol

i bought all this camping stuff and now i have no-one to go with, cant go myself, that would be like covering myself with gravy and running into a pack of lions lol,

damn, maybe i should have thought this through, its getting cold and wet now as well and dark :confused:

Where you at? Lol

what you want coordinates? lol

Like country lol

i live with the haggis lol,

good news, it must be fate bc my mate literally just texted me through fb saying heโ€™d like to go :slight_smile: i didnt think heโ€™d be able to bc he looks after his dad, so i am well chuffed now :slight_smile:

camping is back on woottttt


Sweet have fun i got back yesterday from an overnight camp trip

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wow, howโ€™d it go :slight_smile:

Pretty good. It was a nice get away. Was rough by the time the sun came up lol

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