Going Camping

Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well and hopefully enjoying the weekend. I am currently in a tent by myself camping.

I figured that I would probably be sitting at home doing nothing so I thought I would go out into the woods and do nothing :laughing: .

I can say that I am having as much fun as I expected to have, I am still getting used to being alone I guess, going from married to divorced changes things like camping, can’t say as I miss my ex-wife because I don’t but I do miss having company.

Anyone been camping lately or divorced or lonely? This topic can go a few different ways.

The campers at the campsite not too far from mine seem to be having fun. They are playing music and have a fire going. Me I am just sitting here…


I’ve never been married, and I haven’t been camping lately. Nature is very good for mental health.

Why don’t you mingle with the other campers?

I asked them for insect repellent earlier, it feels awkward enough just doing that. My social skills aren’t very top notch ha.

I wanted to quote you @anon17132524 but I don’t know how to, could someone please help me with learning to quote?

I used to love to go backpacking, but the med’s make me so vulnerable to the weather that I can’t do that anymore. Three of my friends and I used to go camping in a place that was true wilderness (five miles away from the nearest sign of civilization) every Spring and every Fall. It was great. One time we were exploring, and we were at the base of a cliff that totally blocked any rain from its base. There was about four inches of dry, loose dust at the bottom of it. We found an old, leather boot and a yellow newspaper for miners. It was dated 1906. We figured somebody had wandered there looking for diamonds. There are a few diamonds in Arkansas. It was always exhilerating to get away from civilization. Now I live near an officially designated wilderness area, but I can’t go there because of the medications I have to take. There is also a lot of area where I live that could qualify as official wilderness area.

Er, uh, I don’t camp. I “glamp”.

Sorry, pushing 50 now and my back can’t take an air mattress.

Oh, and, Keurig.


Not a camper but a divorcee. Still talk to the ex mrs on the phone. No kids but I have a step daughter I still talk too. It took a long time to get over it but we can be pretty civil these days.

Kudos on the camping! Good for you getting out and doing something different.


That sounds awesome, I tried to go out last summer alone just to clear my head but cops stopped me for a plate light out in a no camping city late at night. Ended up being an illegal stop but they took me in anyway and harrassed me, I am still fighting it. Welcome to California :joy:
Stay safe and enjoy yourself brother!

Kinda disappointed in myself, didn’t have the energy to hike today so I ended up just packing up and leaving. At least I gave myself a chance to hike and get out.

Now I am at my sister’s and will help her move out I think. Don’t really have the energy for that either but we will see what today brings.

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