Anyone ever get back spasms? Painful

Was carrying a heavy pot in my left hand when I got a terrible back spasm. Painful. I have slipped a disc before and this pain was up there.


Yea I got back problems…back in the day when I first injured it the next day I got up and felt the most back pain i ever felt. In recent years tho I have had some occasional jolts of pain but nothing excruciating or enduring.


I bent over to pull up my boxers and my back almost made me fall down from the pain…felt like something tore…never happened again…thank goodness. I have a protruding disc and arthritis of the lower spine.


I once injured my back lifting an old tumble dryer into my car. I used a walking stick and lots of co-codamol. At this time I was walking down the street and it went into spasm and I twitched in pain but it must have looked like Michael Jackson as someone walking past said “Cha mone motherf***er”. That might only make sense to Brits who have seen Bo Selecta!

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