Anyone else's monkey brain keeps playing music in your head?

I keep hearing music in my mind, not loud, usually the last picky song i listened to

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I used to hear music when watching certain YouTube videos, or reading something that I thought was of importance. Like something spiritual was going on, I thought it was a divine sign.

I don’t hear music anymore thanks to meds but I do hear voices.

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Songs, music and some theatrical dialogues at times. I stopped listening to music because of this.

Gets annoying.

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Usually happens to me after two or three days after listening to it.

i had that a few times.

Yes. I was going to make a thread about this. I have songs playing in my mind and i wonder if that is like voices or if it is just something most people have

thats not a monkey brain thats a human brain for music is the most human of things.

My brain loved to do this off meds it was very annoying and I wanted it to stop it usually happened when I tried to sleep.

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I keep my monkey brains in the fridge. Chilled, and ready for a nice dessert. :astonished:


peeks in

Someone mention brains?


brains. we b talking about brains. embraince yourself and braind youself in this braind new topix.

I constantly have music playing in my head.

When I get songs I hear stuck in my head, they stay there for literal weeks.

I try not to listen to music at all. One of the saddest consequences of all this. I can’t just listen to music any more. I really loved music, now it’s difficult, and annoying.

If I do listen, it’s going to be classical, or at least instrumental.

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This. But bit difficult to quiet it down.

Because my head is filled with music and in my heart theres always a song

I have to say no. I have had all sorts of hallucinations… Smell, voice internally, externally, visual, tactile, taste, but never musical.



I’ve had this too… made me stop listening music. I heard the actual music… could be a memory problem, as sz is related to that. Where memories are formed in the brain.

We’re not talking about musical hallucinations. Instead sticky song thing induced after listening to actual music.

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