Anyone else struggle to accept their diagnosis of sz?

I hoped I had depression rather than schizophrenia,the stigma of depression is a lot milder than bipolar or schizophrenia…

I think my depression/anxiety could have caused my psychosis,it’s just a theory about my illness,there is a chance that I might be right though

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i take great satisfaction from the fact most people that ever exsisted never felt the way i felt going through psychosis, i feel proud for getting through it all. they can label it anything, i know how it felt


well i’m not dx schiz but do suffer from voices and have been floridly psychotic in the past. how i came to be psychotic is up for debate because it was mostly voices leading the way. it would be nice f there was a drug that cured all but i don’t think that will happen in my lifetime, or at least there will be a collection of drugs to treat inflammation, gut microbial imbalances, gene therapies but i don’t think there will ever be a one approach fits all treatment, simply because psychosis attacks and auditory hallucinations are diifferent for everyone. and whilst there are some common themes such as government plots and religious delusions or thought broadcasting lending themselves to similar brain disfunctions in some areas, some psychoses are obscure and lots of auditory hallucinations differ to each other so i;m guessing that people suffer different types of schiz or ppd or psychoses caused by different things. personally i’m going to try every therapy there is but i highly doubt that anything will work as my case is somewhat different in that i also have d.i.d.


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I have come to terms with it but I do struggle quite a bit and I can make my life unbearable at times. I know sz comes from many other illnesses. With sz your more likely to have personally disorders, bipolar, PTSD, anxiety, and depression

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"Anyone else struggle to accept their diagnosis of sz?"

I accept my own personal diagnosis of sz.
I don’t accept what the docs diagnose as sz.

Most people are as nutty as a fruitcake anyhow, including doctors. It’s like I have said before, to me it is bloody obvious that all objects are constantly on the move. Nothing ever stops moving. A proper analysis of this leads you to independently understand Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, along with independently deriving all of the Special Relativity equations. No education in physics is required to do so. See how I did it at

In other words, in doing so you are therefore able to see the truth, thus you see reality, thus you are in touch with reality. You don’t have to be smart to do this, since all you have to do is look in the direction of truth.

However, no doctor has ever done the same, thus they do not see the truth, thus they do not see reality, thus they are not in touch with reality. To them, for instance, a car can be motionless, or a car can be in motion, and move at different speeds, even though this is absolutely not true at all. Thus these doctors are in a delusional state of mind.

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@INTROBC - The truth is good as long as you don’t stretch the truth.

I didn’t really understand my diagnosis when it was told to me. I was in hospital at the time.

When I was younger… I was very anti-med and pro drugs and alcohol as a way of self medicating. I did go through a phase where I was trying to prove to myself and others… It wasn’t the illness… it was the alcohol, it was the amphetamines, it was the acid.

But that only landed me back in hospital.

It is impossible to stretch the truth.

However, if everyone could see the complete truth, then life would become absolute boredom since there would be nothing left to yet see.

Thus it is necessary to keep the people of this world stupid, delusional, limited, etc., and they are doing an excellent job at it.


It’s accepting the solution of anti psychotics that’s difficult for me. If they created one that actually worked without side effects, then I would be more willing to accept that I had schizophrenia. As it is, I vary between accepting that I have it and that I don’t. Mostly because I can’t believe the solution is so bad (at least for me).

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I got schizophreniform dx in hospital. My guardian angel kept talking to me and disturbed the coversation with the doc. I didn’t react to the dx at that moment. My guardian angel told me it will pass, I just have to wait. Somehow I listened more to the angel that the doc.

An interesting thread. i have found it incredibly difficult to accept the schizophrenia diagnosis - But now i do,.

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I guess I was happy in a way that I finally found out why I wasn’t fitting in anywhere else. I was only fitting in with all the other drug addicts of those earlier days of undiagnosed extreme symptoms.

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I accept I have mental health issues. But I don’t like labels. The label helps me figure out where my symptoms come from and how to improve them/ live with them/ cope with them.

Labels suck I don’t like to be put in a box. I don’t like limits.

It’s kinda like someone tell you are an introvert. That means you can’t be extroverted then. That isn’t true it just means your more inclined to a certain way. It doesn’t mean you can’t be extroverted as well. That’s limiting oneself

I personally just think there’s various ranges in emotions and so various degrees in severity of symptoms.

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After fourteen years of schizophrenia I occasionally feel people are hiding the truth from me. On a good day, I know I’m the crazy one. I think lack of awareness about how ill we get is called agnosia.

I don’t believe in labelling a persons experience at all. These things don’t exist outside a psychiatrists office. They make it up as they go along. I am certain that if one person were to see three doctors individually on the same day that they could receive three differing labels. It’s ■■■■■■■■ and very limiting for a person.

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At first I didn’t accept the diagnosis but after reading a book that my pdoc told me about, I realized I am sick. My father and his oldest sister have forms of sz too. Neither accepts their diagnosis. My dad drinks alot to cope. My aunt is alone and no one in the family wants anything to do with her not even her own children.

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I’m struggling really hard! I know something is off but can’t accept that it is like this and that’s it, nothing besides mainly taking meds works.

Yes, I’ve struggled with it for years. Even the “professionals” at Duke can be wrong. First they told me I didn’t have it, and then 3 years later told me I did.
I am dependent on anti-psychotics, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I have sz.

Until they have a reliable test, I will always have my doubts, and the “Rosenhan experiment” makes me wonder.