Anyone else screwed/depressed if ITI-007 gets cancelled/doesn't come out?

Thoughts? I’m no expert but they’re having issues…I think.

With what? I heard it was coming out in the spring

I’d be slightly more sad if min-101 didn’t make it.

I’ll never try iti-007 probably.

I had a dream where I was told it wouldn’t get FDA approval…it was probably real though. I need ITI-007 and probably Min-101. I remember years ago I said I took iti-007 in a past life and ended up doing great things and recovering. I only remember the name of the med starting with a L. I doubt it was latuda since I took latuda and it sucked for me. I took min-101 in a past life. But I really want to try and believe in lumateperone.

Unfortunately it will probably be $1500 per bottle if it does come out.

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Right. But I take Vraylar. Still costs 1400 a bottle. With dual insurance it costs 0 for me.

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Yeah the rexulti I take is $1400 but its $8 for me with medicare.

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My Latuda costs that much but the VA gives it to me for free.

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