Anyone else get restless torso?

It is not every evening but generally every few days after sitting for an hour or 2 watching TV generally although I seem to have it now too
Intense discomfort of chest or stomach … Forcing me to stand sometimes x always to get up to try if procyclidine helps… I think because it’s not my legs I’m not in constant motion, but this is pretty long term
Had it at least a couple of years

Sounds like hell. I had restless legs but a restless torso seems worse. What dose of procyclidine are you on?

At least it’s only a half hour or so every day or every few days
For some reason it goes away very quickly most of the time
Only occasional but lasts a while
Yes it is hell but I think restless legs sound worse

I take 10mg
2x a day at most

Yeah I think 20mg is toward the higher end of dosage. I take 2 x 5mg.

Have you had an ecg (ekg) recently. Might be worth getting one if you get torso feelings.

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Thanks, yes
Has been in the back of my mind x

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