Anyone else feeling like crap about doing next to nothing today?

I had the day off from work and didn’t take advantage of it. All I did today was go to the clinic for my shot, took my pooch for a little walk (around my half block) three times, and just a bit ago I walked to the corner for cigarettes. Otherwise, I’ve just alternated between napping and sitting at my computer, with music videos playing and doing some posting on here, smoking cigarettes. I ate breakfast, eating dinner right now, but I haven’t even showered. Maybe I can at least motivate myself to do that.

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I know the feeling. It’s coupled with an exaggerated sense of responsibility (worrying) which ads anxiety to the lack of energy and is the only thing that gets me up and moving. As soon as my worries are put to rest I’m back to my apathy.


I am way too uninspired to do much with all my time…soon I will have a guitar again on monday and I hopefully will play a lot more.


I was home early, headache and tried to nap. no luck though

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Well, I just got out of the shower, so I guess that’s something. Nice, long, hot shower felt good. And I’m no longer a filthy boy lol.

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No. I do not feel bad about not being more productive with my body and person.

In my belief i have been a workaholic with my eyes and eons.

I understand and love myself and i shower at night times.

I want to get on pension and volunteer work as aged care worker through church but i only want one client who i might assist with personal care, cooking etc but she/he must understand i cant socialise and hold conversations really .

Less pressure than being employed and I would still be doing good.
It could be a couple hours every day i visit client.
That sounds good to me anyway.
I do not have goal of employment because i dont think its good for me.
I rather volunteer work.

When im at home i understand i need my lone time etc and i crewchette, reading some bible lately.
Time seems to go anyway and appointments etc…

Dont beat yourself up over it yo. :slight_smile:

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Fortunately I have not had any real problems with anxiety the past few months, ever since my depression lifted, which happened after I got off of alcohol. Go figure, eliminating a depressant helped rid me of depression. When I’m bottoming out in terms of depression, though, my anxiety levels go through the roof.

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Enjoy rotting brah

Wow “I’ve just alternated between napping and sitting at my computer, with music videos playing and doing some posting on here, smoking cigarettes.” Are you me? I did exactly the same thing today including the cigarette run haha. Oh yeah, I guess I went to the supermarket with my parents but usually my days are pretty much simplified by that quote lol.

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I had never equated anxiety with depression. I will have to think about that. Thank you.

I spoke for a bit with the voices about some maps.

Said they could give us a map of every material here with a detailed explanation as to the uses or harms of each of them.

They also stated they can pinpoint every witch on earth and give a map of their locations. As well as details as to their activities.

They can make maps of just about anything really.

kazuya kazuya a a a amssde

Ever since increasing the Risperidone all I seem to be doing is stuffing my face with all kinds of food and sleeping on the couch.

But at least I’m not in the Hospital right?

I did manage to drive to the supermarket and bought some milk.

That’s about it for me today. :slight_frown:

That’s true, it beats the hospital. I’m actually feeling quite a bit better since my shower, funny how such a simple little thing like that can make such a big difference in my day.

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You did more than I did, today.
I woke up at 11am, ate an avocado, went back to sleep till 4. Sat on the couch with a coffee, answering messages on here, then I ate some potatoes, started to decorate the Christmas tree with my roommate, which led to me crying and having a mental breakdown because it’s all wrong. Then I watched a Christmas movie, to try and feel better. Now going to bed.

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I’m just coming out of a week long ‘depression’. I put that in quotes, as I’m not sure what it was. So I’ve done nothing for the past week, let alone the last day.

My main priority is getting my blood test. Maybe tomorrow now, that I’m finally feeling a bit better.

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Actually I have been glad for a while to simply stay out of the Psych Ward but I do wonder if I could do more than simply survive. However the motivation to actually do it is hard to find these days. I still feel self conscious when I use my food stamps and don’t feel so wonderful about living off the taxes of hard working Americans but I question that I am capable of keeping much of a work schedule without becoming worn out and addicted to something.

I wouldn’t say that I’m doing nothing but i am doing NEXT to nothing

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