Anyone else can't read their own handwriting?

I understand what I write at the moment I am writing it, but if I try to read what I wrote after a while I can’t understand

And my handwriting is often towards the right, other times towards the left. Sometimes big and round and other times small

My handwriting is awful so I face this same predicament often.

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I have the worst handwriting - especially when joined up. Have printed for decades

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I hardly ever write with a pen and when I do I never like what I see.
If you have difficulties reading it my advice is to try and change your style. Writing slower can make a big difference. When I write cards (or something that someone else is gonna read) I always write slowly and it looks a lot better. Also changing the size of your writing can help. Try writing bigger letters. And of course don’t use biros. My parents use them but honestly spend some money on some proper pens. They last like 4 times as long and its much easier to use. And I don’t mean fountain pens (I dont like them) just slightly nicer pens. I bought 4 or 5 of these and they’re very good.

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