Anyone care their pet more than themselves + people?

My dog is 17. He is saying he is tired. He’s not in pain.

My bills are piling up but I dont care.

I have a vet to help us know he wants to say goodbye.
My vet will see him every week from now on.

I’m worried I might end up in the hospital again if I don’t accept reality.
Or lose it and not come back.

My kitty is 18 and I love her to bits, but if our house catches fire I’m getting the wife and kid out first. I absolutely would go back in for the kitty, however. Knowing Calliope, she’d be the first out the door. Not dumb at all.

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That makes sense.
Calliope sounds like a great kitty. Glad you have eachother.

She’s doing a lot better. We got her from a cat hoarder. She was so stressed she had licked herself bald in places and her remaining hair was hard. It was like petting a bristle brush instead of a cat. It took her about six months to unwind. All of the hair has grown back in and she’s soft and plush now. Still not much of a cuddler, but she likes to sit near me and “talk” at me.


You definitely loved her from the start.

That’s the best.


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My dog is well cared for. He’s been a great addition to my life.

I enjoy walking him different places and playing with him

He will be 1 year old in September!

Got him in December last year



They make life a lot better.

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I feel bad for you. I have a fur baby doggie too so I know how hard this must be for you. My baby is 13. He still is playful though luckily. I don’t know what I’ll do when he’s gone. He’s literally the perfect dog. I love him so much. So I know how much you must love your doggie. What kind of dog is he? 17 is old! You’ve taken such good care of him obviously for him to be that old.