Anybody watching tv

im bored which is not good for me

my voices get loud and visual hallucinations worse

its 10:30 to late to do anything but try and watch tv

everyone is asleep my mom bro and sis and even my dogs

i have to wait till 11 to sleep cause i gotta put the dogs out

i am doing good with my pup training is going great

she is going to be a great service dog

well if anyone is up and wants to talk hit me up


I am waiting for my brother’s gf to go away, she’s been here for hrs. I am stuck in my room in bed. I want my freedom in my house!

i dont blame you
its your house kick her out lol
can they go in your brothers room

what time is it where you are @Aziz

Walk out into the living room naked…flap your arms…and belt out “I Believe I Can Fly!” That should chase the GF away.


Sadly its my parents house. They’re downstairs 1st floor where the big TV is, I am on 2nd floor. I want to talk to my parents and watch TV. I was supposed to go with my parents visit my uncle before my brother and his gf arrived. I am mad.

Its 11am now here in my part of Canada.

im sorry they messed up your plans
i would want to be able to watch the tv and converse with your parents too
did your parents go to your uncles with out you
i would be mad too

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No of course they stayed to be and to talk with my brother and his gf.

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that is rude
do you know how long she will be there
can you still go to your uncles after she leaves
messed up though that they picked them over you

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My parents always preferred my brothers over me as I am the mentally ill one. Its too late to go to my uncle also I can’t go on my own as I have no motivation, my parents motivate me.


My parents always preferred my sisters to me as well, even before i was mentally ill. I’ve grown to accept it though.


Your parents are simply entertaining a guest…I wouldn’t take it personally. They all gotta live too, even though you have your own issues.

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im sorry they put you aside cause of mental illness

it sux u cant go to ur uncles

i understand the motivation i am the same

i have only motivation to train my puppy

to leave the house my mom and treatment team pushes me

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I wasn’t normal even before my sz diagnosis at 21-22y.o., I think I got sz since I was a kid but positive symptoms appeared last at 15y.o., after negatives and cognitives.


ya i feel the same i showed signs of sz at 16 got diagnosed at 23

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@Bowens do you mind if i ask how old you were when diagnosed

42 I think. Started getting psychotic about a year before that though.

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You had lots of time to enjoy life. I read that the earlier you get symptoms the worse is the prognosis.

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@Bowens you got it late how did it effect your life

did you have a family and job before

did you loose anything family or job