Any metal heads on here?

Looking for some fellow metal heads. Lately I’ve been so stuck on Periphery, been listening to Alpha/Omega for like a year and a half straight now. Though P3 is pretty sweet.

Yo whats crakin dude, been listening to some Underoath, and good ol Bring me the horizon, not sure if u heard of i set my friends on fire tho :stuck_out_tongue:

haha. Soulja Boy. I’ll never forget that track. Are they still making music? But yeah, UO and BMTH are on the top playlist for sures

Nah not doubt it dude. I really like there screams its so original… I miss mitch lucker :'c

Oh yeah for sure, it was on halloween wasn’t it, so like 2 years now or something?

Eh? yeah mitch lucker had that bike accident.

Yeah it was on halloween night I’m pretty sure. At least I thought it was, thats why I said it’s been almost 2 years

Oh s**t I guess it was 5 years ago. haha. But yeah it was on Halloween. So like 5 years to the day. Yolo for MItch

swag. was listening to that last night for a tad :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dude yeah LOG is my jam. The Sacrament was such an influential album to me as an artist and even just as a fan

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The best BMTH song was " it never ends" it’s a true masterpiece and I think so many people here could relate to it

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I dk all the names of the bands.i listen to death metal mixes.

Yeah i listen to nickleback…pretty much ona loop…


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I heard turn my swag on on the radio recently. Beavis and butthead do u remember them? Haha

Dude that is a good song. That whole album was insane.

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I’m a metal head, though I’m not into the really heavy stuff. Mushroomhead is my favorite, but lately I’ve listening more to Blue Felix (gearing up for their concert), Source and The Browning. I had never heard of Source or The Browning until I saw them as opening acts at a couple concerts earlier this year. Source reminds me a lot of Tool. The Browning uses a lot of samples, so somewhat of a techno element added in there.


Dude the browning is f****n sweet. Love that band. Industry is the sickest track ever…


This is my favorite song by them.


Lol metal gnomes…