Anybody positive symptom free after taking Abilify?

I might change up my meds to Abilify

Anybody positive symptom free after taking Abilify?

How long did it take for it to work? Was it gradual decrease of symptoms until no more?

What dosage?

How were the negative symptoms?

Which med are u on currently?

First time I was on abilify it took maybe two months for positive symptoms to go.

Second time I was on abilify it took two weeks for positive symptoms to go

I still am uncertain about hell but I feel it is unlikely.

15mg was a nightmare.
5mg I can actually do some things but I struggle due to energy and motivation.

My energy and motivation doesn’t allow me to jog even on 5mg

I’m on risperdone.

Was the first time you took abilify your first AP?

Why did you go off of abilify?

Yes it was my first ap ever.

I went off it to see if my positive symptoms don’t come back.

But they did

It is a process to stabilize on any new medicine, esp APs in my experience. Trial and error you know. Stick with it and you can and will find the right one. I felt positive and negative symptom free after about 2 weeks on the oral pill form of Abilify. It was sort of a gradual decrease of symptoms, but pretty fast luckily. It has been about a year since I started this med. No hospitalizations or clinical worsening has happened since. I’ve kept a steady employment the whole time. I get a raise on my hire date anniversary! I hope and pray things continue this way. Just keep taking your meds as prescribed. And keep in good communication with your healthcare team. They are there for you :slight_smile:


What dose did you take? Any side effects? Did you hear voice too? Very lucky that it work for you so quickly. How long did you have your symptoms before you get on med?

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I was symptom free on abilify injections 400 mg monthly. It took a few days to see reduction of symptoms

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That was your first dose of abilify? Did you have something else before?

How long did it take to be completely symptom free?

Yeah first dose. I was in zyprexa I think beforehand. It took maybe 2 mo this to be completely symptom free but that was mostly from negative symptoms. Positives went away quickly for me

how long did it take for the positive to go away?

I dont remember much from that time

was if few days or weeks?

400 mg is a lot

More like days. 400 mg is the starting dose for the injections

I used to take 10mg and still had positive symptoms. Then i tried 15mg and i slept whole day on it.

I’m stable on clozapine now. I tried again adding abilify to clozapine, this time it actually worsened my positive symptoms and made me feel like crying.

Abilify is first line treatment for schizophrenia/psychosis cuz of its side effects profile, no major weight gain, no major EPS, no hyper prolactin, no prolonged qtc, no major sedation. But when it comes to efficacy to treat positive symptoms, its actuallly mediocre. More effective medications include clozapine, amisulpride or risperidone but they come with a cost. [1]


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what negative symptoms did you have?