Anybody likes to chat, we have a lot of snow

I was very tired during the day and slept few hours, last night I did not sleep well, we here in eastern Finland have a lot of snow, how is your day going …?


I had a bad week but I think it’s over now as I feel better today. I’m just a bit tired from the week.

Here’s a music video with some snow that you might like.


I had my evening walk, it is zero celcius, a lot of snow, I was nice to walk around, it gets dark already quite early.


So far my day is okay, I had my coffee and went out for a walk.
I’ve been paranoid lately, though, and my siblings had a show playing on tv about drug cartels and that’s a trigger for me so I had to shut it off.
Being paranoid that they’re after me is a long-standing paranoia for me.

What do you use to heat your home? :slight_smile:

Hi Mjseu, my day is going pretty well so far.

I slept in pretty late today, I was up late last night listening to talk radio.

Today I plan on reading the Revenant. I’ve never seen the movie, but the book is supposed to be pretty awesome from the reviews I’ve read.


we have a lot of snow here too.
But today it was sunny and warm. I went out in the snow and did some shopping, it was fun.

White Christmas I guess.

Slept ok last night, now having some coffee and browsing the net, it is totally dark still, listening to music, I suppose I am feeling ok …

We are in summer…Talking 45 degrees C in some places this week. That is bloody hot.

In Brisbane where I am you get the humidity. It’s uncomfortable. You sweat and your clothes stick to you. Moving becomes tiresome and everything is a drama unless you have air conditioning.

My brother in law is an electrician. We have air conditioning!


Turtle is from Brisbane!

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It’s a nice part of the world!

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You ought to post some pictures, mjseu. We’d like to see your snow.

You wanted to see some snow, here is my little beach area, could not go swimming :smile:



80 degrees with it almost being winter. Still think it’s August.

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