A view from my window

It is snowing heavily, cold and dark, I have not been able to sleep well and so I had my early breakfast (leftover green pea soup from yesterday) etc. I wondering if I can ride my bicycle today (now it is 3:33 A.M.) because there is so much snow, welcome to the Finnish winter if you like this snow experience, it is so much different here from Miami, LA and other warm places. Well, this is the town where I am going to live as long as I live. The photo is not the clearest, because it was dark when I took it.


We get snow maybe once or twice a year in Arkansas. I love cold weather though. I’ve never lived in a place like that though so idk how I’d handle it. I do like walking in snow. I used to spend the day sliding around in my car during snow storms when I was into cars. Idk how I’d handle that type of cold though.

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When I lived in America I visited Little Rock, it was when I drove across America from LA to Miami. I suppose to live in the conditions like mine now one must be tougher, well, I was born in this town, I came back from America in 2002, have been here for over 21 years, I know many people and I discuss with them I ride my bicycle, I remember once in January 2005 we had the similar snow fall and I walked a long distance in the darkness to eat a pizza in one restaurant. One gets to use to this weather, but I know many Southerns from the South US such as my former US spouse would not like to live in the conditions like this. Well, I can do everything on my laptop what people can do in Silicon Valley.

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Cool yeah i have some family in Little Rock. I’m more northwest area. Not quite northwest but up there. Also I’d be worried about style. I like hoodies and and one pair of pants. I wouldn’t want to have to wear layers all the time. That’s cool you’ve been around so much. I’ve never been out of the US. I was in the state hospital in Little Rock as well. Other than that haven’t spent much time there. I’m sure I’d get used to it. I get used to the cold here pretty quick. Anything below 20 degrees Fahrenheit though is painful.

A good Finnish song …

Another good Finnish song …

We have +4 degrees so all the snow melted away. I enjoy dark snowy winters. Hopefully it’ll be snowing when it’s Christmas Eve.

I generated this AI image ‘A lonely man walking in the darkness in the snow fall in Eastern Finland’ … as it was in January 2005, a man walking on his own path …

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Something is wrong with my mind, I took my evening meds 600mg Seroquel + another psych med and I have not been able to sleep for a couple of nights, I could take probably 1000 mg Seroquel and I could not sleep, but I am feeling quite well, I run out of milk, but I may drink more black coffee, actually I do not feel tired at all and my mind works very well, strange.

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@mjseu for me I know a psychosis is imminent when I can no longer force myself to sleep. I often have to force myself to sleep but if it cannot happen I will spiral.

Perhaps cut down on coffee??

Actually I had just one cup of coffee with my early breakfast, coffee was on sale, just 2.99 € a 500g pack, very affordable, well, maybe I stay up until I’ll fall asleep, the store opens at 7 A.M. and I need to go to buy some food and drinks.

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I went to the store now when it opened, bought food and drinks, it was quite tough to ride my bicycle because there was 10 cm snow, but it is was okay. I told one store person where to find my new photos. I remembered how I had developed one application 20 years ago when I lived with my father, this app took webpages and automatically processed these by using the number of keywords and then generated two files: one report file with all info based on these keywords and then another that had new weblinks for the next day’s info collection. It was all automatic. I like to collect things and today I try to collect eight info each day such how many Ukrainian refugees there are in Finland today (over 65000) etc. Collecting is fun. My father died in 2018.

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