Anybody had success with just an associates?

it’s fairly common around here, students get out of high school and get a two year degree then move on to the workforce.

im thinking this is my best bet, I want to study horticulture at a community college. I was hoping that completing a two year degree would be enough to start a conversation and get my foot in the door somewhere. either a park, or greenhouse or nursery, or garden supply store.

looking at the curriculum, there is quite a gap between those who get a bachelor’s or beyond and those who get a two year degree. the two year degree cover’s the basics but isn’t as specialized. I think I would continue to study after I get my associates but wouldn’t enroll. It would just be self study and continuing education.

anybody had success with just an associates?


What was your gpa in high school ?

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I personally am undergoing (and will return) on a bachelor of arts degree, but I’ve seen so many of my friends who have a certificate or a dipolma, who are thriving and doing super well.

I think your passion matters the most! If you want to do this for your future, then I think you should.

Best wishes for your studies!


about a 3.0. that was 15 years ago though. im 34. I’ve found some community colleges in north Carolina that offer horticulture degrees. the plan is to go back at about 40 years old, im going to stay here and work for a few years.

im a better student now than when I was in high school. all I did during my school years was play sports. I don’t think I ever opened a book, but did go to class.

An associates degree won’t get you far but I guess it’s better than nothing. My step-father says it’s like asking for your middle school diploma. It’s like a halfway mark in your studies. Nobody cares about your middle school diploma, they just ask for your high school diploma. I guess it makes sense. It’s a harsh reality. I heard that having an associates could get you a couple dollars more per hour for basic jobs like retail or something.

I’m sure you’re a better student now than 15 years ago. You’re much more mature and have more wisdom.

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I think GPA of 3.0 is sufficient to enter a college and a university as well.
Since the area that you are going into is a liberal art degree, usually the admission GPA is lower for bachelor’s degrees. For example, GPA for English (my current degree) was about 2.5-2.7.
I think you should talk to an academic advisor to see what options you have, or go to a local post-secondary fair if there is available.

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im not sure. it seems like the people who got 2 year degrees were more motivated to actually work. the kids who go to college just want to keep going to school. first bachelor’s, then masters. that’s a lot of missed work time and experience.

My sister makes very good money as an RN with just an associate’s degree.

There are plenty of good fields you can get into with an associate’s or even just a certificate, like if you just want to learn a trade such as welding. A good welder can make very good money with minimal formal education.

Most BA’s are overrated, anyway.

The way to approach this and life in general is to see the job you want and see what it takes to get it. If it’s an associates then do that, if it’s something else then do that. I don’t know much about your field so I can’t reccomend, but always start with the end in mind.

Here’s how I put it-having an associates makes you (statistically at least) better off than someone who has no degree. Is it as good as a bachelor’s? No. But it’s something! Plenty of people get jobs with associates. If that is what fits best for you than I highly recommend you go for it!

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I’ll agree that many degrees are worthless and many majors are too. So you can miss with the school you go to and with the major you choose.


Look into where graduates of your degree go and what percent are employed. The school might have this info

Well, back in the 1980’s when I was in my 20’s I got an Associate Degree in Business Computer Programming from a private careers training school. An instructor at the school referred me to her husband who worked in Banking. I did fine until 1993, when I was cost-consolidated out of a job. The lack of a Bachelor’s Degree really hurt then. Also the school I went to went out of business so potential employers couldn’t verify the degree I had.

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While you plan you’re life, its going by you… Act brother before you’re time runs out…

You’re young and have a lot of ambitions, I don’t want to see you regretting 5-10 years later that you just didn’t pick one thing.

Good luck with your adventure i

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I’ve been successful for the last 20 years with no degree. I’ve actually gotten hired into a couple of jobs because they liked my writing only for them to discover I had nothing beyond high school (I didn’t withold anything, they just made assumptions and never asked). They kept me and were happy with me. At the end of the day it boils down to whether you add value to the company with what you’re doing at work every day.

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I’ve gotten nowhere with an associates degree. Got to at least get a bachelors.

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