Anybody else get really suckered by good days like me?

I have a few good days and I think I’ve turned a major corner. Then it all collapses. Then I think I’m an idiot. Then it repeats.

I am actually an idiot.


I get this too. Been riding a high for a little too long now. Not looking forward to the trough. Don’t think I’m proper bipolar though.

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You’re not an idiot. Good days tend to make us feel like we’re cured, but unfortunately we have to remember that we’re not. It’s not because we’re stupid, that’s just what happens with our illness.


That’s a good point. I hope I don’t have a mood disorder. It doesn’t feel like a mood problem though.

Thanks @Sardonic .

Not an idiot. Holding out hope. I understand. I’m not even allowing myself to appreciate good days because I know I’m getting the big old kick in the ass

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That’s the way I’m heading I think.

I wish I didn’t but it just.seems easier

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