Any WoW people

Hey guys and gals. I’m looking to see if anyone plays WoW. I just started and it would be fun to link up with other players.

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Might be worthwhile asking in the video game thread here Video Game Thread 6.0

I play but very casually. Not even sure I’m going to get Shadowlands atm. I really don’t like the look of the story/lore implications.

Are you on EU or US?

I’m on US. I just have the starter pack now. I just signed up for a subscription but I think I need to download something else too

I use to paly W.o.W I was known as CaptianBritish… But I live in USA not Britain… I thought at the time it was a cool as heck name though.

Haha. That is a pretty good name. My character is LindaRambo. I pictured that’s what rambos wife’s name would be

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I play on an EU server. Gehennas I think its called. Horde ofc.

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