World of Warcraft TBC

Hey. Anyone on world lf warcraft the burning crusade? Im looking for someone to play with.


You know WotLC is coming soon?

Im gonna roll a new Rogue on current tomorrow. They gave my Shadowlands for free recently. I was never gonna buy it so Im glad I can prep for next expansion now.

Thats wrath of the lich king right? Yeah. I never played it. I just got into WoW recently. Let me knkw when you play. Id love to have someone to quest with.

I play on shadow lands

I think they’re making some fresh servers for Wotlk, probably going to play on one of those. Actually, I think they come out today with the prepatch.

Not to hijack your thread @pasteyface but I got sort of depressed the other day looking back on how happy I felt playing vanilla with my friends back in the day and how different it is now and how I cant get those times as a kid back.

I tried to play Shadowlands, but I really dont like the story and the changes to the lore. It feels like someone made it who doesn’t understand very basic story telling.
I played for a few hours today but it wasn’t make me feel happy. It made me feel sad at what once was.
I am tempted to play just for the gear and to ignore the story but it is more difficult than I thought it would be as it makes me feel bad.

Yeah the story is lame. I mostly play for the gear. I like doing dungeons. Im not much for raiding because i dont understand how to not die. Ive only done one raid succesfully

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Yeah. Prepatch today. The servers are down most of the day. Im still trying to level my mage. Im lvl 15. Long ways to go


Wanna play sometime? I have a lvl 60 and 56

Great game, im buying a laptop this month and gonna start again.

Believe i had a 70 undead lock, 70 human lock, 66 blood elf lock and a 68 undead warrior

I’m thinking about coming back because of wrath prepatch. What faction are you? All my chars are ally and lowish level.

Im horde in the Whitemane server

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