Seasonal side hustle

my 87 year old uncle has asked me to weed eat around his pond. i have agreed, he is going to pay me, but i would do it for free. he says it’s a hard job, but i doubt it will be that bad. i used to weed eat for a living haha. it’s not so bad once you get started.

this whole thing has me contemplating starting a lawn care business, but then i would need to buy a truck, and riding mower, and weed eater and i don’t think i can afford that, maybe in the future someday i will start a business, it’s pretty easy work, but there are just so many people doing it, i would probably only have 20 to 30 clients i could get to in a week.


he said he only needs it done, once every 5 weeks, his 60 year old neighbor has been helping him with it. he lives about 12 miles away so wont take long to get there.

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My community college used to offer a business plan certificate online. Maybe look into something similar?


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