Any places where you have been and want to go again there

I have been in London few times, but I especially liked Soho there in London, maybe one day I’ll visit London’s Soho again.


Thailand! A trip around Asia would be great, maybe in a few years

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Never been, but would like to visit Tibet. There’s not much left in the US for me to see. I did thoroughly enjoy my trip to Canada and Banff National Park. I’d go back in a second.

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Way back when I was 24 I went with a friend to New York and had a blast
I loved it there
The twin towers were still there and I went up to them but stayed away from windows as scared heights
I would maybe go again

russia perhaps i liked the nature and open spaces in siberia

Would love to go to Thailand again - for 3 months.

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Been there when I was a kid, want to go back ever since

In 2007 I went to Cyprus during summer for a three day vacation on the beach. Absolutely loved it and made some friends. I really like small towns compared to big cities. I like small crowded streets with small shops similar to where I grew up. Other than that, I used to live and work in Dubai, I would like to go again there just to see my friends but I’ve been pondering on the idea of moving back there in some time.

hard rock cafe in dubai Sheik Zayed road

This is Beirut from the airplane

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Actually would love to take 6 months out and explore all of South East Asia - Cambodia, Vietnam etc. unfortunately both due to money and symptoms I can’t see this ever happening.

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do you have any pictures? I’ve never been to Asia.

Yeah, same here. Lets be hopefull and say someday maybe we can do it :smile:

dubai is located in asia officially

I meant the exotic places.

Sorry lost my camera when I was out there (this was in the days before phones with cameras). But I still have the memories and I suppose that is what counts.

The islands were the best bits.

Got plans to go to colorado in october. Even though my parents are divorced and my sisters live far away in opposite direction they’re all going to be there.

A couple months ago I didn’t want to go, but I’m starting to feel up to it.


It’s easier for me to go to the caribbean islands from Montreal but I would absolutely love to travel in Asia. I’ve been looking into the volunteering projects, they’re cheap and great way to explore places with the locals. Once I get my health back, I’m gonna dedicate a portion of my life to that. Sorry about your camera.

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I get quite scared of traveling, flying or driving, they both cause me a lot of anxiety.

I’ve never left the U.S.

Maybe I will someday.

I like close by day trips, especially Galena, and Chicago.


I made my own necklace in Galena, and my own coffee, and my own soy candle.


Maybe you could go on organised coach trips around your area? With guides that lead the party

Yeah, I do like those, thanks! I’ll look into it.

I went Galena alone, but want to find a friend to go with me next time.

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