Any one here suffering from risperdal withdrawal symtoms who has bipolar disorder

what are your withdrawal symtoms ?

Weirdly I didn’t really get withdrawal. I did have a spike in my psychosis for a while that was pretty bad but after a week or so I was normal again.

Antipsychotics are supposed to have no withdrawal but with any of these drugs you should be titrating down on them rather than stopping abrubptly. As always with your doctors wishes!

I did suffer s little withdrawal from 800mg of qutiapine coming off it rapidly. Cold sweats and a couple of other things.

As far as coming off risperdal and abilify in the past; no withdrawal at all.

I had once come off qutiapine at a much lower dose with no withdrawal either in the past.

I think qutiapine actually has some sort of additive qualities to it. But don’t quote me on that. I am not 100% sure. Not addictive like benzodiazepines or those sorts of drugs. But just hard to get off of.

Edit. In the past my diagnosis had been bipolar. But not currently.

OMG! Who says that?! Do a simple google search with the name of any antipsychotic followed by the words “withdrawal symptoms” and you’ll find a lot of responses from people who had them. I had 5 months of withdrawals from Geodon and Zoloft. It was one of the worst times of my life, but worth it now because i’m having a much better life-- I work, go to college, and I’m moving out of my parents’ home and in with my boyfriend at the end of this month.

They think I have Bipolar I instead of schizoaffective bipolar subtype, but they’re so similar anyways. They want to do another evaluation.

I have no life from withdrawal , no motivation, no emotions, phsycosis, no sex drive ,pain in my body,numbness and tingling, sometimes i want to cry but i cant ,i dont want antidepressent because they affect my football performance, i dont make eye contact with anybody cause of deep depression and i get angry quickly and shout at my parents also they are controlable parents and that is not helping and they dont understant me when i tell them everything

I had withdrawal when I quit amisulpride. I had nausea and dizziness for days.

Old antipsychotics had no withdrawal when stopping them but had crazy side effects when taking them

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I never really found any withdrawals coming off different anti psychotics.

I find stupid ■■■■ like sleeping pills have worse withdrawels than taking a dose of seroquil for sleep as eg…

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Sometimes i feel deeply depressed and i cant live like this anymore, then i go and read of people who recoverd from withdrawal and then i would feel there is a little of hope,yesterday i took neurobion and now i feel better and i dont have any pain in my body but now i got angry at my mom because she does not treat me well(she also bipolar and she gets psychotic a lot).

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