Any one here plays retro or old pc games..?

which one classic … please mention it…

I’m currently playing Elder Scrolls Oblivion with Sinitar’s mod list.

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do you like first person shooter…

I play a few. Sometimes i fire up my amiga amulation program and play Pirates! amiga version which I think is superior to the old PC version.

I also played jagged alliance recently, and I used to play Outlaws which is a cartoonish first person shooter. There is still a community playing it online.

I like this one:

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I’m playing through Dawn of War. It’s like an oldie but plays well. Cutscenes are rubbish as you’d expect but it’s fun enough.

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I have an Atari reissued system. I hardly play it, but I love it.

As a kid I used to go to the old arcades, and more recently, I;ve played some of the same games online.

The Oregon trail.

I play age of empires 3 which was made in 2007 the definitive edition comes out October 15th I’m very excited

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What kind of games do you like? I love Ms.Dos! DosBox for life!

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