Games you like

What games do you like to play. i like mmorpg type albion but my new computer and weak so i’m out of play


(that’s right,
the Mascara Snake,
fast and bulbous!)

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Wow, lol, diablo, gta, elder scrolls, mtg

MTG, zelda, mario
Excited about the new zelda about to come out

Pokemon, Doom, Civ, Dark Souls, Bloodborne

I recently finished South Park the stick of truth. Really enjoyed it. I have started The fractured but whole now.

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I enjoy retro video gaming, old 80s and 90s arcade games, console games up to Playstation and the NES, and VR games like Beat Saber and Moon Rider. I find MMORGs exhausting - I’d rather read a book or watch a TV show. I’m getting back into playing old board games and also card games like Unstable Unicorns.

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