Any good t.v series out there?


i have been watching ’ game of thrones ’ and ’ supernatural ‘,’ dr who ’ anyone been watching any other good series e.g sci- fi series or other.
i am running out of things to watch, australian t.v is really bad so i have to buy dvds’ to keep myself entertained.
thank you.
take care

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A. Arrow
B. Revolution

:alien: :alien:

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I like Top Gear and Man Lab. :car:

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Game of Thrones is one of my favorites. Love that show!

Some of my other favorites are American horror story, the walking dead, and Bates Motel (a series prequel to the Psycho movies).



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Did you see the ending to V? When it first came out I was all excited. Watched every episode, and then waited FOREVER for the next series that never came. Then I found the disk for it online, so I ordered it. And man… I can see why it never aired. It was terrible.

Television is good at grabbing people’s attentions with amazing plots and schemes. But then it can’t finish it. Ya notice that? They can’t write good endings.

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My husband and I watch these and my son usually watches with us:
Sleep Hallow
The Originals
Game of Thrones
Once Upon A Time
Marvel’s SHIELD
The Blacklist

My son watches Vampire Diaries and I think The Walking Dead

I watch Perception, Cracked & Being Human

Waiting for True Blood and Under The Dome to start up again.

I liked Bates Motel

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Merlin all the way! that show is freaking awesome with a lot of funny parts. I think you’ll like it a lot.



talk about weird endings

have you seen the tv series: under the dome, from stephen king

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If we finally get cable I’ll start watching them. For christmas my dad decided to get satellite TV again, and now I get to watch TV for the first time in about 8 years lmao.

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Oh god dont ask, I watch anime. Maybe try the show Perception or Monk, Monk is pretty good. Perception features a schizophrenic lead but it’s romanticized and kinda silly and not accurate. Game of thrones is the bomb.

But I watch anime so dont even get me started on my favorite anime shows

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nothing comes to mind

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Another brand new show starts tonight called Rake. :deciduous_tree: :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: :leaves:

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thanks for everyones responses, i will try those out the ones that you have all mentioned.
take care



You’ve probably heard of the new Sherlock Holmes. There’s an old one you might like, Mystery Science Theater 3,000. Ooh, Red Dwarf too.

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Game of Thrones
True Blood (Kind of sucked last few seasons…no pun intended)
American Horror Story (Latest Season better than previous)
The Shield (The Cop Drama, not the superhero show)
Downton Abbey
Key and Peele (Great Comedy)
Super Fun Night (It grows on you)

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I watch The Big Bang Theory.



I like Bones :meat_on_bone:

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the incredible dr. pol, perception, gator boys, american dad, south park, family guy and a lot of anime. Also bob’s burgers, cleveland show,once upon a time, fatal attractions

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I use this site nowadays, it works on my Android tab and IPhone!

My most recent personal favourite was 'It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia" I spent 3 weeks watching them all.

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It’s Always Sunny is an awesome show. There has never been a moment on television like when Danny Devito crawled naked out of that couch. I’ve never laughed so hard before.

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