Any good chat/social forums?

Wrote this thread last week and felt too self conscious to post…

Is anyone on any good forums for general chat about anything and everything?
Sometimes I do feel quite lonely from not having enough real world contacts and would like to interact with like minded individuals …



No I Don’t Know Any, But!, Would Love To Be Of Witness To A Few New Ones.

Hope True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

I prefer this forum, but sometimes i’m active on reddit. They have subreddits for mentally ill, schizophrenics etc. etc.


I am good socially on any platform. I didn’t mind the old chat rooms but these days most chat spaces get compromised too quickly and I’ve moved away from that. Forums like this one are good to me. I get to talk about things I can’t with friends etc and that is always a good thing.

These days I’m too busy for anything but this forum. Not a bad thing!


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