Anxiety and worry

I’ve been having a lot of weird anxiety recently, but I find that my anxiety is usually only about one thing at a time. For example, I’ll feel anxiety about one issue, that anxiety will subside, and then I will feel anxiety about something else. And if I’m feeling anxious about something and a new issue comes up, I’ll often totally cease feeling anxious about the original thing.

Also, when my anxiety is unjustified (in that it’s about things I have no reason to be anxious about), it usually subsides after enough time passes. And if I revisit certain things I felt anxious about for no reason weeks or months later, I just no longer feel any anxiety. It’s like it’s just cured.

What about you? Do you feel anxious about one thing at a time or multiple things at once? Do you find your “crazy” or unjustified anxiety just goes away after enough time passes? I’d like to know what’s typical.

I get anxious about multiple things at once, I try to distract myself, if all else fails I take a benzo or something.