Antipsychotics for life

Is everyone on here basically on their antipsychotic for life. I’m on invega. And I know that I can’t come off no matter how much I want too. Invega has permanently altered my brain. Along with all the psychosis. I’m just waiting for the inevitable heart attack and td now. I’m so positive I know. I’m just wondering. Is invega the most feared antipsychotic and has anybody here been on it for a long time now or felt better by switching after a few years? You can’t come off right?


I don’t have a plan for ever coming off. I don’t know how I could be successful.

What APare you on?

1 mg Haldol daily. Sometimes I miss a day, lately.

I could imagine switching AP’s, but I don’t see how I’ll ever come off them successfully.

I can’t even switch. Maybe something would feel better than this. Abilify probably. My buddy has switched twice in the last year no problem. But I cant

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Too much psychosis

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Invega has the worst reputation I think. The worst ratings. Reviews. The works I can see why

Tonight I’ve been on quora. I’ve had some good answers. I was just taking a break from that and came here.

You know I still can’t figure these reply’s out. But my brain is improving

I’m not sure what to say. Antipsychotic treatment isn’t always ideal, but I think psychiatrists prescribe them for good reasons.

I would be dead right now if I wasn’t put on this medication. So yeah they will save your life if your having psychosis


Someone else is replying

Anyway. How long do you think we have until td. Seems like that’s enevitable. Then a heart attack. My heart is already struggling. I’ve been on it for three years now.

I have had to admit to myself that I can’t come off

Dependent on them unfortunately

But, at least there is treatment options.

Before the 1950’s you’d have no hope at all

Lesser of two evils


My doctor told me I might be on clozapine and abilify for the rest of my life. I was going to this “clozapine club” where there were only ppl who are on clozapine… we drank coffee and talked nice stuff. But it really freaked me out. The other people in the club… well you could tell they were on clozapine, the things they were talking about… you just could see they had mental problems. I was always dressed up nice and wearing make up, as I have always been… even when psychotic. It freaked me out, will I look like that 10 years from now. They took me off the clozapine club as the nurses could see it was a wrong place for me. I was around 28 years old that time.

Clozapine has altered my mind and it scares me. But this medication combo is the only one that has helped me and getting off meds is not a good idea. My doc and I feel that way.


Getting off meds is not a good idea. I did it worst thing I ever did was come off clozapine. I don’t even know why I did it. I’ve got problems now. Oh yeah. Problems.

Well I have a lot in my head but. Just can’t get it out

I’ve been on antipsychotics for most of the last 14 years. I still haven’t been diagnosed with TD. Once, I switched to Geodone, and once to Latuda, and got a little facial tick until I came off.

Also, if I drink too much caffeine, sometimes my right hand visibly shakes a little.

Maybe I’ll be ok for another 14 years. I don’t know.

That’s nice to hear. I’m 46 now maybe I’ll make it till I croak on this drug with no td

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I think I’ve seen someone in person with it. I don’t know where but I thought I did. She just looked me right in the face like it was the worst thing ever. She probably had it. I think its common with APs