Antipsychotic medication use and fracture: a case–control study

Following adjustments, antipsychotic use was associated with a 3.0-fold increased risk of fracture in men and a 2.3-fold increased risk of fracture in women. Patterns persisted after exclusion of participants with non-fragility fractures and self-reported schizophrenia. While future research exploring underlying mechanisms is needed, regular monitoring of bone health in antipsychotic users is suggested.

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I posted this earlier on Twitter. 2 falls Oct 2021. Pain dismissed as ‘in my head’ by paramedics and GP. Reality- broken femur. Further tests= premature osteoporosis. The concerns re fractures and being on antipsychotics were there long before my falls. There is no excuse for GPs not knowing that. The need to judge on the evidence , and not by means of stigmatising attitudes is paramount.The cost of not doing so incalculable.


Activity levels will not be the same for medicated vs non-medicated self reporting won’t be accurate. Hormone systems are disrupted in scz also and these weren’t measured

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