Antipsychotic-induced obssessive compulsive symptoms

I recently read some papers that found antipsychotics can induce obsessive compulsive symptoms.

Has anyone experienced this? I feel like this may be happening to me.

If you have, how did you treat your OCD symptoms? Did they improve when you decreased your antipsychotic dosage or did other medications (such as SSRIs) help?

I’m curious to know whether antipsychotic-induced OCD is permanent or stops when the antipsychotic dosage is reduced. I’m also curious to know whether it can be otherwise treated.

I have felt OCD before, happened really roughly when on Haldol for me. I had to make sure everything was geometrically correct & perfect, from things in cupboards to plant & desk arrangements. Even then, I’d oftentimes have to rearrange cabinents to keep the mind “constant”, or else it’d continue probbing me to rearrange things once again.

After getting off of Haldol, they nearly all disappeared - the OCD’ness, that is. I still am a neat freak when it comes to arranging things, but not so much when it comes to cleaning things (household objects that is).