Antidepressants causing hallucinations

I just went through partial hospitalization and the psychiatrist on staff increased my antidepressant from225mg to 375mg of effexor. Went back to my own doctor and he is upset and immediately wants to reduce it. He said to me that antidepressants can fuel my hallucinations. Has anyone ever heard that before? Anyone have any experience with antidepressants causing hallucinations?

Im a psych major, concentrating in behavioral neuroscience and I can tell you that they are well known to do so and your doctor is correct…they’re serotonin and dopamine agonists, they increase the levels of the same chemicals correlated with psychosis…

I was put on an older tricyclic antidepressant years ago, Imipramine. It sent me to a manic frenzy and worsened/triggered delusions