Anticonvulsants with antipsychotics

Wondering if it’s Worth adding one to the mix although my moods are not that serious but wonder if milder forms of mania can lead to psychosis.

Yes I just got off Depakote because of health reasons but now I’m starting to show signs of some mania.
Maybe it’s a good idea that we both get on a mood stabilizer of some sort.

Klonopin is not working.


Isn’t klonopin addictive? Something to take more frequently would be idea for me too.

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Yes Klonopin was prescribed to me as a PRN.
She knows I don’t want more meds but I think I may have to go on a mood stabilizer now.
I’ve been feeling like crap lately.


Sounds like your moods are quite erratic that can’t be a comfortable feeling.

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Yeah had to take some Klonopin for now.
Hopefully I’ll calm down some.

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I’m not on a mood stabilizer although my emotions and moods are manic and wild normally