Anti pschychotics and Anti Depressants shrinks Brain

Do you guys and girls know this.?
I have asked my psychiatrist about this and she was aware of it, but
said that sometimes it outweighs the gain from it.
Still long term use of anti pschychotics and Anti depressants may be harmfull.,

yet i dont have a lot too spare… so what do you think?

search for antipschytics brain loss

They are inventing pde10a inhibitors in the next few years that may not cause that problem. Until then we’ll have to just deal with the brain damage. If it helps some studies say it’s the disease and not the drugs that cause the shrinkage

There have been posts on this that indicate the brain shrinkage due to the antipsychotics doesn’t result in a loss of functioning.

you tell that too the monkeys…

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its not only antipschychotics, its also anti depressants like fluoxetine… prozac

Other studies suggest that antipsychotic effects on brain volume may occur rapidly. For example, Vernon and colleagues5 found a significant loss of frontal cortical volume after only 8 weeks in rats given haloperidol or olanzapine.


The amount due to the medications is a small percent of the total decrease that is mostly due to the process of schizophrenia. More information here:

Gray Matter Loss in Brain Due to Psychotic Episodes / Schizophrenia, Not From Medications

Some studies have indicated that a small percentage (less than 1%) might be due to medications but other research did not show that. Groups that are anti-medications jumped on this data to say that it was the medications that were causing the damage.

Now results from a new study has been released by Yale University and it shows that that brain loss is most likely due to, or concurrent with, inflammation in the brain and closely associated with psychotic episodes.


ok, yet what about long term use of anti pschycotics? and anti depressants?
i mean years and years. lets say for a start 4 year use. high dosage

I asked a psychiatrist about my recent loss of cognitive abilities. Granted he hasn’t done any detail testing or anything, but he did say taking a high dose of anti-psychotics seem to be inhibiting my brain. I don’t know, I just feel like things that have been simple reading for me, has become more difficult. Not to mention my memory is a lot poorer than before…

yes my memory is also more fragmented than before.
and since i have been dosed, i have numerous other side effects.
like my brain isnt mine, throbbing, pulsating and a huge pain on top of my skull
"where it was open at birth" and such.

The research I’m doing on antidepressants and brain shrinkage seem to suggest that antidepressants inhibit stress-related shrinkage of the hippocampus caused by depression. Can you link to any studies that might back up what you’re saying?

Suppose it was the case that these meds shrink the brain, and not taking them would not do so (this is manifestly not the case, but let’s suppose). Then what? Would you not take medication because of this? I know what my priorities are, I want quality of life. I don’t care how my brain looks like as long as I have that. Medication provides me that. I would not see the point of having a bigger brain if it doesn’t make for quality of life. Now, given that this hypothetical situation is far from the truth, as @SzAdmin points out, this seems to me to be fallacious anti-med ballyhoo (i had to look this word up).

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Debatable, i might need that extra white and gray matter.?
offcourse if you dont function normal, i say go with the meds.
Yet i dont know…if you are stable enough

for what, more elaborate psychoses?

you where too fast, i was still typing.

This study suggests that antidepressants can cause brain shrinkage in and shouldn’t be prescribed to non-depressed people, but that they actually increase brain volume in depressed people.

here another study.

all those studies… i dont know what 2 believe

Yeah, Antipsychotics cause a lot of different health issues in many people, but I just came back from seeing my pdoc and she just got in touch with my GP doctor and they both now feel that I may not have a pituatary tumor, so this means that I am able to stay on the Risperdal and I dont have to switch to another Antipsychotic.

I am grateful for this because Risperdal keeps me sane - I would not be able to function without it.

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that doesnt sound good, hope you will get well soon