Does AP cause brain volume loss or its psychosis?

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I know there are reports on both sides. How long do you have to be on AP for it to cause brain volume loss?
Any idea. Are there any thing that we can do to prevent it?

Are forthcoming drugs ITI 007 or MIN 101 going to help with this?

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This study concludes that anti-psychotic medications may cause a minimal, but measurable, decrease in brain volume:


Yes, as far as I know, antipsychotics can cause brain atrophy, particularly with long term use at higher doses, but there is a risk at ANY dose of brain damage. The antipsychotics also cause cognitive problems. Neuropsychiatrist Nancy Andreasen did an antipsychotics study, in animals, confirming that antipsychotics shrink the brain. Now, clearly some of the brain damage can be reversed but may be irreversible.

With respect to strategies for neuroprotection, experimental animal studies have suggested that glutathione might be neuroprotective and be beneficial in the prevention and/or treatment of neurodegenerative diseases; however, clinical trials in healthy or cognitively impaired older people are currently very limited. In randomized controlled trials, short-term supplementation with glutathione significantly neutralized platinum-induced neurotoxicity.