Antipsychotics associated with brain volume loss?

What’s your opinion on antipsychotics causing brain damage/cognitive dysfunction?

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@eduvigis I don’t know you well since you are new, but posting threads that could be viewed as anti medication on a schizophrenia site that is geared towards recovery - which includes taking medications and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not recommended.

I would not be surprised if this thread gets locked.
Mad in America is an Anti psychiatry organization.
@Minnii? @Rhubot?

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Im just trying to inform people of what studies have found. People on this site tend to be only marginally interested in researching schizophrenia even though they are suffering from it.

In an ideal world these people would have chanced upon this information on their own, unfortunately for many understanding schizophrenia ends when the psychiatrist lets them out of his/her office.

Im not anti-med by any means I always take my meds because I know I am dysfunctional without them.

I just want to put this information out there so these people can take it in and make a decision of what they want to do with it.

I also find this kind of stuff really interesting and I think drawing attention to it might open up a forum for discussion of the merits and disadvantages of taking these medications.

I feel like people on this forum are intelligent enough (hopefully) to respond maturely to a topic such as this.

I guess it might seem like I’m rocking the boat a little…I don’t intend to make people upset by posting these links I want to open up a forum for discussion.

Maybe after doing reasearch someone will finally have the courage to discuss a topic like this with his or her psychiatrist.

Since the users of this forum are adhering to medication regimens which include these neuroleptics it only makes sense that they should know all the risks associated with taking them.

@eduvigis, Mad In America is not a legitimate news or information source. They are anti-psychiatry and anti-medication, and post a great quantity of biased to outright incorrect articles as if they were fact.

Please be careful in which sources you choose to cite.

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This is true but I don’t think this thread should be locked…just yet :scream:

I agree - it’s a worthwhile discussion. Just need to make sure the information presented isn’t misleading.

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How much information supports that it is the meds and not the sz causing the brain shrinkage.

Untreated psychosis can cause damage - this is what I know.


It seems to me that taking the medications is the lesser of two evils. Brains shrink as we age too. How are these studies supported? Are all the factors taken into review?

All meds have side effects - we have to weigh the good with the bad.

Mad in America is not a reliable source anyway.

You are right their is brain shrinkage as we age.

Some people diagnosed with a severe psychotic disorder like schizophrenia can manage without an AP.

But the majority rely on their meds to function.
APs have saved lives in those suffering from chronic psychosis.

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I get conflicting opinions when I research this subject online. Some sources say the use of antipsychotics leads to a decrease in brain volume and this is responsible for poorer outcomes over time.

Other sources say the brain tissue loss caused by these drugs isn’t very different to brain tissue loss caused by aging and that it is minimal and doesn’t have an impact on functioning.

So I guess its not as simple as saying these drugs are infinitely bad and we must do away with them, or there is absolutely no delaterious effects associated with the use of antipsychotics and we should prescribe them for everyone in excessively high doses. There are two sides to the issue and no one has a completely wrong opinion.

its ok, but the more worrying thing is that a lot of people who take anti-psychotic meds die about 20 years or so premature (so i have been told) whether that is due to meds or brain damage due to sz or both or other things is up for debate

I would say it’s the sz causing it

Yes the results are mixed, so therefore are not very reliable.

Look I have nothing against you and I am not saying that the meds are perfect because they are not.
Their is always room for improvement and they are getting safer all of the time.

I for one have a lot of fear and paranoia surrounding the psych meds from time to time.

Posting a thread that states APs can cause brain damage is just not helpful to me or others who may have similar fears.

Again no hard feelings, you seem to be a nice guy.
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