Another song

I’ll record it soon, but I just wrote a song in 30 mins about my family, especially my mom. heres the lyrics

I know just what you’ve done for me

But why should that justify

The way you treat me like I’m not alive

Can’t you hear me

Can’t you see

That I’ve lost my will

To allow you here

In this space

All my own

Draw a circle of protection here

In this space

All my own

You may think I’m crazy

For not giving in, I’m not alive.

The way you reject my trans heart

Remember my name

Remember it all

And I have the strength to say no

You don’t like that I’ve grown

Can’t appreciate who I am

Well that’s not my problem


Good stuff @Moon .

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Lyrics look good, cant wait to hear it with the guitar!

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Here it is! It’s a little rough but I wanted to record and post anyway, I didn’t have a ton of time and experienced some thought blocking while I was singing the bridge.


ok the link messed up


The key modulation really gives it an unsteady feel, complements the lyrics well and the feeling of distress

Well done!

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Thanks that was my goal :grin:

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