Another rant

The demon is manipulating the water for it to turn into steam and causes vaporization. this claim is just as valid as the naturalistic claim that its caused by another natural event.

Its true that hanging out with crazy people can make you even crazier or more drug consuming. It happened to me.

It’s the suns rays either directly heating the water through absorption or indirectly by heating the surrounding environment. Forgive me for leaving that out.

Sorry buddy, that demon claim is not valid at all.

that just arrogantly assuming that its the sun rays and not the demonic magic heat vapozing the waters. how can you question the might and power of the weather demon he gives us rain which makes our crops grow?

and to fully understand the devine mystical potency of the weather demon is also to accept the fact that the sunrays ARE his magical heat power which vaporizes water.

back to the original topic:

here is a guy that really embraces progression:

what do you guys think of this?

I have to update my firefox installation in order to watch.

The concept sounds crazy.

i couldnt read all of it,

but my thoughts on change and the game of life. Play the game until the game changes, then change with the game.

I just started taking a computer science course online for free, its Introduction to Computer Science CS50 at harvard edu.
full course in hd video and all online coursework. for FREE.

basically im now planning for the future and to hop on to the infinite train that is tech growth.


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thats true, my roommate and all his friends are drug/alcohol abusers and i was slowly getting tempted into it, I had a talk with him recently and said I want no part of it, so I feel good about getting that out to him.

something freaky I was told about someone I know who just went to the world future society conference the other week. was that we are going to be in a Jobless future in the next 15 years. thats going to be sooooooo disruptive to society. its going to be so strange.

It could be good though. people can focus on doing the things they really want to do instead of a typical job. but then there is the issue of how to distribute money.

we are in a pretty wild lifetime i would say.

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I tried to read all that… I think I got the gist…

As far as change… I think real change comes from smaller things…

Sure there’s new types of T.V.s that have one or two new features… there’s the Tesla… that is very expensive and cool… and wouldn’t really get me to work any better then my Honda. Sure the car is fast… but the heavy traffic flow on I-5 in rush hour is still 30 mph.

Another ponder… high advance tech… is only available to the upper rich. NO one even in the middle class can afford a Tesla. A poor person gets a used T.V. not a new fancy one with one or two extra features.

As the Rich play with their apps… and drive their Teslas…and adopt their tech…
There is no app for feeding the homeless…that is a human endeavor on all levels.

I’ve been reading about low tech in developing nations… like the tidal power generators… getting power from the tides… their going to raise and fall anyway… why not use that.

The new vaccine for the Ebola virus is being said to have excellent results and will probably hit the world market in 10 months… that could change the face of developing nations.

I’m an optimist… I just have a feeling that there will always be a job somewhere… because humans need humans… and sometimes a robot just doesn’t fit the bill…

It’s going to be an interesting time to be sure… and it depends on how silly humans want to get about their tech… some nations are better then others at their tech and organic balance.


I gotta hand it to ya . You have a creative mind and a good imagination.

You could put those skills to use :slight_smile: it would make a cool painting or drawing!

You could have the demon doing his magic in the cloud while God is to the side doing a clapping motion of applause :smile:

I am too. (Some people are, after all, self-righteously negativistic.)

I don’t blame “you” for this. (No one invents this for oneself.) You learned it just like I did. From the “authorities.”

After three suicide attempts, however, I began to think the authorities were leading me down to The River… as well as down the river.

So I began to see what “authority” was all about. And when I found out – and noticed that no one was actually holding a gun to my head, I moved on.