Pissed off with people

people are loud annoying selfish nosey backstabbing jealous ■■■■■…

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That’s what teddy bears are for…A big non judgemental loving hug on a bad day.

Pets have their place also as we all need unconditional love.

I hope the rest of the week does improve for you though.

Hang in there! It does get better.


I understand, i think that way sometimes. I have pets so that makes my dad better. I have two lizards and sometimes they are the only reason i get up in the morning.

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You left out: dishonest, mean, cruel, users, idiots, self-centered, opportunists. Hey, this is kind of fun!!

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With all do respect mr. nick being an idiot is no crime.

Wasn’t it the intelligent ones causing all of the problems?

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No man I think all the worlds problems revolve around mass stupidity. We’d have better politicians and people would act more in accordance with what’s best for the whole group. A bunch of other factors.

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It’s a matter of the heart and not the mind.

Intelligence built the bomb you know.

In fact had we been massively intelligent from the beginning it would have been demolished much sooner.

Here is a list of importance:

  1. Intelligence and kind

  2. Unintelligent and kind

  3. Unintelligent and unkind

4 Intelligent and unkind

Intelligence without the heart is nothing but war. You can be an intelligent driver but it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to kill anyone because you don’t care. It’s always the wrong emphasis down here.


Never looked at it that way. I guess it’s unfair in the first place to determine people’s worth by their intelligence.


It’s important yes, but without the heart all that you’ll ever have is earth in it’s present state.

And the more intelligence that you have without the heart the worse things will be. The weapons will become very advanced, the murder would be endless, the control would be enormous, it would be way worse than a bunch of idiots.

Hmmm. The heart is an abstract. Really your still talking about their minds.

We’re just saying it two different ways.

Without it you have hell, with it you have and can get closer to heaven.

Well I personally believe that science and technology will save us regardless of whether or not we deserve it.

Really it’s poor economics that ■■■■ us up and keeps people from rising above criminality.

It can save us yes. It could have truly helped everyone, but at the core is the heart, which way it goes is dependant on the heart of us all.

Science and technology has been nothing but hell up until now, all that it is is war, control, selfishness, things like that.

Gotta have the core first. Otherwise you will live in hell.

Yeah man it is still a pretty hellish place. It’s all kind of localized though. Some places are pretty peaceful.