ANOTHER post about how it could be worse

I was sad because I had no shoes until I met a man that had no feet

At least we’re alive.


good post, nick. Keep positive and upbeat.


Your really contendful,I was contend few weeks ago and everything was to the good…but my meds aren’t working well recently,I am getting frustrated and isolation

we could be in a turkish prison they are not very nice!

Hey @77nick77 I know that saying about the shoes and feet - I have always liked that saying, I used to use it to remind people and myself that life could be worse

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hey Nick im going to AA tomorrow- just thought you might like to hear that. I drank a couple beers the past couple of nights but I felt cravings and started drinking at 3pm today and was like ■■■■ this and went to someone who knows good AA groups. They’re bringing me tomorrow at noon.

I texted these two girls who I talked to who said to hit me up to get a coffee after finals and neither of them texted me back, I got pissed off and started chugging.

time for AA. I’ll be 21 in a month.

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The other day I was thinking it would be nice to own a brand name bra instead of flimsy WalMart ones. With the news I got yesterday at 12:00 AM I might not have to wear one anymore.

I hate to be morbid, but it sounds a little like you are insinuating that you have breast cancer. I hope not.

Yeah, that’s good mortimer. I hope it helps you. Don’t look at it like it’s the rest of your life. Just take it one day at a time. You’ll hear that a lot. If you look at it as your whole life it can be discouraging.When you go to the meeting just keep an open mind. You usually don’t have to talk in your first meeting. Some people do anyway. You MIGHT not like the meeting but give it a chance. If you have a bad experience don’t give up on AA. If someone bothers you or you don’t like someone or someone doesn’t like you, don’t get discouraged. You are all there to get and STAY sober. But most people at meetings are pretty cool.You all have a common purpose, and like they will tell you, “We all need each other”. You will hear a ton of cliches in AA. Here’s another one. “Principles before personalities.” It goes back to what I just said about someone maybe not liking you. Try to listen to EVERYBODY. Even if you think they are jerks. That person may say something that just may save your life. If you absolutely can’t stand the meeting, still give it a chance, but there are plenty of other meetings. Hey, just to keep it in perspective. You seem to be braver than me, even though it irks me to say it. But I first got clean while I was living in a board & care home in one of the worst areas in town. My street was one of the most notorious drug-infested streets, in the city of a million. I lived there 5 years and saw a few of my neighbors get raided by the police. It was common to hear police helicopters flying overhead shouting on loudspeakers at criminals they were chasing and sweeping our street with spotlights. Seriously. And the occasional prostitute would walk our street. But I walked that street 5 or 6 nights a week, to and from the bus stop, mostly alone. I caught the bus for 5 years. You can do this. Another cliche: " AA is a selfish program". You are doing this for YOU. It’s YOUR life you’re saving. Good luck. I’m not trying to pressure you, just offering my thoughts and experiences.

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