Another family wedding Im not going to

Today my cousin is getting married and Im not going to it. Being around all them people just terrifies me. I feel bad like I should go but I just cant. It has been like this for years now. Everytime there is a family get together I run and hide because I just cant cope with being around all of them. I feel like a jerk for not going.

I do that. I missed my uncle’s funeral a couple of years back. It was probably the last chance I had to see all my cousins together. And they were the reason I didn’t go.

What terrifies you about being around them?

I always feel like there judging me…thinking the worst of me. I feel so small when I am around them. I dont think physically there going to hurt me but emotionally I do. Im just a nervous wreck when I am around that many people.

@mat3372 don’t feel bad I used to do that too…it was “panic” for me to think of going so I stayed home during all get togethers or holidays until my family started coming and getting me to go to the events. Now I don’t have panic in my life…it’s a head game…you just have to learn not to be afraid of panic and you will be able to go. hope this helps.

My sister got married around 10 years ago and at the time I was really struggling so didn’t go with parents down to London for wedding. Sure they understand

The one thing about weddings is you most definitely wont be the center of attention unless it’s your own of course. The hardest thing to do will be to commit to going. But you will feel better for going then sitting at home wondering what it would of been like if did go.

i don’t do weddings, funerals…parties…concerts…etc.
it would be too triggering…so don’t feel bad.
a kind word on the phone or a letter or a card says more than turning up…
take care

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If your family is supportive I think you should make yourself go. I was reluctant to go to my mother’s funeral, but, of course, I had to. I got to see all my relatives and we had a very good time. I would have missed out on a lot if I didn’t go.

Personal viewpoint: If it’s not in Vegas and the JP isn’t dressed like either Fat Elvis or Spock, it’s not a legit wedding.

(Bonus points added for being married in a drive-thru.)

So, if the wedding you’re not going to does not meet the above criteria, consider yourself absolved of all blame.


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I think you should attend the wedding. You should least bothered about the things that happens in the surrounding and enjoy the wedding. Recently, I have attended a gay wedding of my cousin, he was enjoying his wedding and he doesn’t bother what others are thinking about him. He was relaxed and with his love. Enjoy every moment of your life and occasion is a time where there is a good get together of our relatives and cousins.